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A Wiki is a tool intended for collaborative work. Basically anyone visiting the site can Edit/Create/Delete wiki pages.


Some tested Wikis

Some others

Tavi is the wiki used in this place. It has a backend using database support. Tavi is extensible an there is a pretty wide community around. All the other listed wikis are filebased. Pukiwiki development version (1.4) has trackback implementation, which is something that a wiki page should have, from my point of view. Wait for a better language support in Pukiwiki and it will rock. Pmwiki has a feature that could be understand as "categories", like you would have a main page and lots of descendant pages. That could give your wiki a type of pseudo-hidden pages if you only point to a certain main category. QwikiWiki? is designed for simplicity (Self Sufficiency, Zero-Edit Deployment, Minimalist Featureset). Blast is a starting point to get an idea to design your own wiki. --UrsGehrig